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Seaham Newborn Photography – Baby Alice

My second new baby shoot was for the lovely baby Alice, who has some of the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen! It was a chance for me to try out my new macro lens (100mm, f/2.8 for those who are interested) and what a difference it makes for those detail shots of little baby feet! Alice was an absolute star and after a half-time break for some milk was lovely and sleepy for a few shots.

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Darlington Newborn Photography – Baby Holly

My first ever new baby photo shoot was for the gorgeous baby Holly, who at only 5 weeks old was just getting to grips with the world! Her dad is an old friend of mine from University days, so it was lovely to catch up with his family, especially the newest addition! Holly was a little star and  with a couple of breaks for lots of cuddles and food, she was happy to pose for the camera.


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Wedding Photography: Confetti!

I don’t know what it is about confetti, but I love it and it is such a fab part of a wedding day. It’s great when a couple plan it into the day (and when the venue allows it) and even better when it is a surprise bombing of petals! It must be the smiles and screams of joy of that passing moment that cannot be recreated or posed that appeals to me and my style of photography. Have a look at some of my favourites (including a bouquet toss-as it counts as throwing flowers) and try not to smile!

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