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Walking with Frankie

Not a wedding this time, but instead, after a very busy few months, I have been able to get out and about with the camera more. I thought I would share some of my favourite shots of a more unusual model for me – my dog Frankie!


She is pretty unresponsive to my directions but I managed to get some nice shots around the fields of Sunderland Bridge and the banks of the River Wear near Durham City.


It was also a great excuse to play with the shutter speed settings on the camera to capture her at top speed (which is pretty fast, especially when she is heading straight for me!), rather than the soft-focus portrait settings more typical of wedding photography.


Although, I do love a soft-focus portrait taken with my 85/1.8 to give this. Frankie’s focus was on a stick in my other hand!


It’s back to weddings for me next week, so more on that to follow!


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Durham Wedding Photography – Sarah and Tony

Durham wedding photographer Sarah and TonyIt seemed the gods were smiling down on Sarah and Tony for their wedding day, as it was the first sunny day after a week of heavy rain. The whole day had a wonderful happy feeling with a lovely intimate ceremony in the spacious and stunning Durham Cathedral! The bridal preparations were at The Victoria Inn so I couldn’t resist getting a few shots of the stunning bride at the bar, which certainly raised a few eyebrows with the regulars! The mood for the reception was so lively and fun and following the meal everyone changed into their trainers to ceilidh the night away! I hope you enjoy the photos:

STW Collage 1

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Northumberland Wedding Photography – Michael and Crystal

Northumberland wedding photographer Michael and CrystalThe lovely Michael and Crystal were lucky enough to have two weddings; one in China and the second at the beautiful setting of Matfen Hall set in the rolling green hills of Northumberland. It was a beautiful setting and a wonderful day for the happy couple and their guests. Here are some of the highlights:

CMW collage 2

All in all, it was a great start to the RCP portfolio and I hope that every wedding I am lucky enough to shoot goes as smoothly and is as much fun as my first. On to the next!

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Rowan Coombs Photoblog goes live

Welcome to the new blog for Rowan Coombs Photography!

My name is Alice and I am a wedding photographer based in County Durham.

image of alice coombs at Rowan Coombs PhotographyOne of the most important parts of choosing a wedding photographer (apart from their ability to take beautiful pictures) is finding someone you are comfortable with, and so to that end, I thought i’d break the ice and introduce myself with some facts about me:

  • My first camera was a disposable wind-up, which mainly took shots of the bottom of my bag.
  • My second camera was a Canon 5D Mark II SLR and it really opened up my eyes to what a phenomenal piece of equipment a camera can be and how much fun it is to use.
  • I think weddings are one of the few occasions in life when inhibitions are lost and you become completely happy with yourself. As such, I love them – and am so honoured to be asked to be involved in someone else’s day.
  • When I’m not working I love taking my dog for long walks in the countryside.
  • I can spend hours on end in a good second hand bookshop (…book recommendations welcome!)

So that’s a bit about me, the following blogs will focus more on the photography side of things, but please get in touch for a chat/details if you want to know anything more.

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