Rowan Coombs Photoblog goes live

Welcome to the new blog for Rowan Coombs Photography!

My name is Alice and I am a wedding photographer based in County Durham.

image of alice coombs at Rowan Coombs PhotographyOne of the most important parts of choosing a wedding photographer (apart from their ability to take beautiful pictures) is finding someone you are comfortable with, and so to that end, I thought i’d break the ice and introduce myself with some facts about me:

  • My first camera was a disposable wind-up, which mainly took shots of the bottom of my bag.
  • My second camera was a Canon 5D Mark II SLR and it really opened up my eyes to what a phenomenal piece of equipment a camera can be and how much fun it is to use.
  • I think weddings are one of the few occasions in life when inhibitions are lost and you become completely happy with yourself. As such, I love them – and am so honoured to be asked to be involved in someone else’s day.
  • When I’m not working I love taking my dog for long walks in the countryside.
  • I can spend hours on end in a good second hand bookshop (…book recommendations welcome!)

So that’s a bit about me, the following blogs will focus more on the photography side of things, but please get in touch for a chat/details if you want to know anything more.

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