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Natural and Fun Wedding Group Photos

It is that time of year when I am busy meeting lots of new couples for next years weddings (yay!), I love hearing about all the plans and details of what to expect and when I ask what they would like from their photography the answer is usually “natural and relaxed photos”, which is great as this is what I do (and probably why they got in touch!). When the subject of group shots come up, most people seem to want to get them over with quickly, and generally don’t look forward to that section of the day. A lot of people don’t relish the idea of standing and smiling at a camera for ages until their jaws ache or are just plain uncomfortable with their picture being taken.

Personally, I love the group shots! They don’t have to be boring, dull and take ages. It is usually a point in the day when you have *just* got married and are deliriously happy surrounded by all your loved ones, who also want to take your picture! I think it’s important to have fun with your photographer so this is reflected in the more posed shots. It helps that I don’t boss people around or get you to stand for hours, I just make sure all the people you want in a group are present (sometimes with a bit of help from a friendly usher or bridesmaid) and capture you all at your most awesome and happy best!

The following are some of my favourite group shots from the last year, they are relaxed, happy and natural and I had a blast taking them-I hope the wedding parties felt the same way, but from their expressions I think they did! See what you think and don’t dread the group shots any longer!

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