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How to Get the Most From Your Wedding Photographer – 7 Tips for Awesome Wedding Photography!

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big (and often expensive) job that you want to get right first time. Once you have picked your date and booked the venue, the next thing to do is to start thinking about your wedding photographer. Good photographers are often booked years in advance so it is well worth doing your research and sending out a few enquiries early on.

Aside from the rings and the dress, your wedding photos will be your main reminders of the day and can even fill in parts that were a bit of a blur at the time, so it is worth getting it right! I have compiled my top seven tips for getting the best wedding photography, from booking the right photographer to ideas for the day itself. I hope that they help make the minefield of wedding photography a little easier to navigate!

1. Like your photographer

Sounds super obvious, but don’t just book someone because you like their pictures (although this is important!). If your photographer is not someone you are comfortable with, it’s not going to be much fun being around them all day. Whilst other wedding suppliers will come and go throughout the day, your photographer will be nearby the whole time – even when you are getting changed and saying your vows – so you need to like them. I always meet up with couples before they book and I don’t take it personally if I’m not the right person for them (although with all the couples I have met with, to date, have booked – so I must be all right!). If your photographer is the sort of person that you would invite even if they weren’t photographing the day, you are onto a winner!

Wedding Photogrpahy tips-47

2. Relax and forget about your photographer:

Now that you’ve found someone that you like having around (yay!), just ignore them. Don’t worry, I won’t think you are being rude, it is just that the best natural photographs are definitely the ones when you have no idea they are being taken. Plus, you have much bigger things to be thinking about on your wedding day!

Wedding Photogrpahy tips-50

3. Trust your photographer

So so important: your photographer is a professional and has been to many, many weddings and knows the drill. You chose them for a reason and they don’t need a long and detailed list of shots to take. I love all the touches that make up a wedding and will capture every little detail and moment of your day without being told to. That being said, it is always helpful to know of anything particularly meaningful to you such as a family heirloom broach in your bouquet or a relative who will be leaving early in the day etc..


4. Leave plenty of time

Not just for the group shots (if you are planning on them) but during the rest of the day too. I will usually see a bride 2-3 hours before the service to get some candid getting ready shots as well as the dress, shoes and flowers before they are needed. This may seem like a long time, but the day will go by so fast and before you know it you will be dressed and being whisked down the aisle! So you may want to allow for some time to get photos before having to leave for the service.

Wedding Photogrpahy tips-21

I usually recommend keeping group shots to around 7-8 different groups. Even though I work fast each shot can take around 5 minutes to set up and take, especially if someone important has wandered off! Before the day I will go through the list of group shots with the couple and advise on timings etc., so that you are not spending any longer doing group shots than is needed.

Wedding Photogrpahy tips-34Couple shots can also take as long or as little as your would like; some people want to leave more time to party and others are happy to try lots and get lots more photos. I don’t mind either way, but around 30 minutes is perfect for me to try a few different backdrops and give you a lovely range of images. Using the time before the wedding breakfast, when your guests are getting seated works well, as does later in the day when the sun starts to set and the light gets all lovely and romantic.


5. Use lots of natural light

Natural light is so flattering and is always better for beautiful photographs. If you can, get ready in a room with as many windows as possible. If you have a professional make up artist they will most likely position you to face the light. If you want those dreamy, romantic shots then leave a bit of time just before the sun sets to pop outside for some shots.

Best of wedding photography 2013-3

6. Have an engagement shoot

An engagement shoot is not only a fun way to spend a couple of hours but it is also a great way to get to know your photographer and get used to being in front of the camera. I find that when I do an engagement shoot for a couple, they start their wedding day much more relaxed and happy with me around, which is a big advantage for everyone and one less stress.

I am normally happy to do a free engagement shot for couples who have booked their wedding photography with me for this reason, plus it gets me out and about in the off-season! Another bonus: photos for possible save the date cards…

Yorkshire wedding photographer -4

7. Talk to your officiant about photography

Many couples really cherish the photos taken during the ceremony, partly because it is arguably the most important part of the day, but also because it can be a bit of a blur!

Wedding Photogrpahy tips-35Some churches will not allow photography during the service and some officiants who have had perhaps more ‘pushy’ photographers will naturally be a bit hesitant to allow someone free rein to take photos during the ceremony. It’s important to check beforehand and have realistic expectations for your ceremony.

Wedding Photogrpahy tips-41I will always introduce myself to the officiant beforehand and as a rule I don’t use flash and will move around subtly to get the best shots. Also, you don’t want to be staring down the lens of a camera when you are saying your vows, which is why I use a long focal length to be as far away as possible while capturing these beautiful moments.

Wedding Photogrpahy tips-27So if you are planning your wedding and looking for a photographer, just get in touch and tell me all about your day!

Alice x

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Raven Hall Hotel Wedding – Kathryn & John

Oh I do love a wedding beside the seaside! You really couldn’t get a much better coastal location than Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. Kathryn and John had the perfect sunny day for their wedding in July surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Ever since I visited the area with them earlier in the year I was so excited about this wedding, and I was right to be! Having met at The Fyling Hall School, it was only right to have their ceremony in the school church and pop into the school grounds for some couple shots-what an amazing place!

I had never been to Raven Hall Hotel before, and I hope that I get to go again soon, it is a photographers dream with so many lovely backdrops and tons of outdoor space. Groom John and his groomsmen managed to take on board Kathryn’s rule of no fancy dress by wearing it under their wedding suits-a lovely surprise for the bride during the speeches!

I love John’s military dress (complete with a rather sharp sword!), Kathryn’s not one, but two stunning dresses and baby Olivia looking so so cute, the day really was a joy to be a part of! Enjoy this selection of photos.

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Solberge Hall Wedding Photography – Nikki & Anthony

I first met Nikki and Anthony back in 2014, and having already shot their engagement photos, was really looking forward to their wedding day. The ceremony was held in the impressive St Charles Church in the very pretty village of Tudhoe near Durham City. I loved it when Nikki broke with tradition and did a solo walk down the aisle, and was met halfway by groom Anthony and the couple finish the (rather long!) walk together. The sun shone long enough for the couple to be showered with confetti and then it was on to the lovely Solberge Hall in North Yorkshire for their fantastic reception. This was a new venue for me and one that I hope I will visit again soon. The house is an impressive Georgian building but small enough to be exclusive and cosy. All the staff are fantastic and seemed to really care about the couple and their guests.

The day was so much fun, it was a shame to leave. There were cocktails, beer pong and one of the best groom speeches/raps that I have seen! With an awesome sparkly dance floor by Coolblu. I hope you enjoy this selection of photos. The full set can be found on the portfolio website here.

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Natural and Fun Wedding Group Photos

It is that time of year when I am busy meeting lots of new couples for next years weddings (yay!), I love hearing about all the plans and details of what to expect and when I ask what they would like from their photography the answer is usually “natural and relaxed photos”, which is great as this is what I do (and probably why they got in touch!). When the subject of group shots come up, most people seem to want to get them over with quickly, and generally don’t look forward to that section of the day. A lot of people don’t relish the idea of standing and smiling at a camera for ages until their jaws ache or are just plain uncomfortable with their picture being taken.

Personally, I love the group shots! They don’t have to be boring, dull and take ages. It is usually a point in the day when you have *just* got married and are deliriously happy surrounded by all your loved ones, who also want to take your picture! I think it’s important to have fun with your photographer so this is reflected in the more posed shots. It helps that I don’t boss people around or get you to stand for hours, I just make sure all the people you want in a group are present (sometimes with a bit of help from a friendly usher or bridesmaid) and capture you all at your most awesome and happy best!

The following are some of my favourite group shots from the last year, they are relaxed, happy and natural and I had a blast taking them-I hope the wedding parties felt the same way, but from their expressions I think they did! See what you think and don’t dread the group shots any longer!

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