Walking with Frankie

Not a wedding this time, but instead, after a very busy few months, I have been able to get out and about with the camera more. I thought I would share some of my favourite shots of a more unusual model for me – my dog Frankie!


She is pretty unresponsive to my directions but I managed to get some nice shots around the fields of Sunderland Bridge and the banks of the River Wear near Durham City.


It was also a great excuse to play with the shutter speed settings on the camera to capture her at top speed (which is pretty fast, especially when she is heading straight for me!), rather than the soft-focus portrait settings more typical of wedding photography.


Although, I do love a soft-focus portrait taken with my 85/1.8 to give this. Frankie’s focus was on a stick in my other hand!


It’s back to weddings for me next week, so more on that to follow!


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